candystripers at bus – by popular demand.

we must apologise for a lack of activity on here over the last couple of weeks – downtime after the show has been full of stuff.

but, it’s a good opportunity to remind you all to pop in and see the show.


bus gallery have enjoyed having us so much that they’ve asked us to stay, in a slightly reduced capacity, for another 2 weeks! which is ace.

but after that, the stripes of lonsdale will be no more.

First Print

and this is also a reminder that we have prints for sale – a piece of the candystripers for your wall. it’s only a super limited edition of 5, and there are 4 left. unframed, $250. just email us about it.

unless of course you want a whole room candystriped, well, that’s another conversation altogether.

so, pop down to bus (wed – sat, 12-6) and check out the show.



Wall1 Sach and Gem Almost Done_Bus

here’s a little tidbit of how bus is looking: miss jones and our hired-help, mr sacha g doing a fabulous job on the western wall (the most difficult one).

we think it already looks pretty awesome – even if we do say so ourselves.

as we speak, miss jones is hangin’ out with the sticky felt, making more progress.

show opens at 6pm on tuesday at bus gallery: 117 little lonsdale st, melbourne. see you there!

The Candystripers making out

Candystripers Sign

miss brown and miss jones spent the afternoon making a series of candystripers signed and numbered multiples for the exhibition at bus. these will be for sale at the gallery, just so you can take a little of the show home with you.

much fun was had with coffee, yummy felt, home-made baklava, some rockin’ tunes and of course two hot crafty ladies.

Felt Strips

Great Women Rulers

First Print

Finished Pile of Prints

A Candystripers Project: Bus


The Candystripers is a collaboration between two Melbourne artists: pop-artist Gemma Jones and installation artist Lauren Brown. Their latest project is in the entrance to Bus Gallery, an artist-run-space in the heart of Melbourne, and is the third in a series of projects based in Melbourne.


Seeking to create hyper-real spaces that walk the line between exterior and interior experiences, The Candystripers project at Bus transforms the foyer into a cross between Victorian wallpaper, an oversized minimalist painting and a helicopter landing pad.



What : A Candystripers Project: Bus Gallery

Where: Bus Gallery, Melbourne

When: 9 June – 26 June, 2009

Opening: Tuesday 9 June, 6 – 8pm

Contacts: Lauren Brown

Gemma Jones

our felt

last week we picked up our awesome roll of felt stripes from the magnificent jj davies and sons, ready to install at bus.

as we walked out the door, the most amazing rainbow, with extra stripes burst itself into our view.

Lauren with our felt under the rainbow outside the very cool JJ Davies & Sons

we’re hoping it’s a good sign for things to come, as we start to get a whole lot closer.

what’s in our bag?

as the bus show looms, there are a lot more meetings and “sorting things out” type business.

but for now, here’s what’s in the candystripers’ bag:

What is in the Candystripers' bags? (a whole lot of stuff people...)

Preface to Stripe Painting

Preface to Stripe Painting (Frank Stella)

Art excludes the unnecessary. Frank Stella has found it necessary to paint stripes.
There is nothing else in his painting.
Frank Stella is not interested in expression or sensitivity. He is interested in the necessities of painting.
Symbols are counters passed among people. Frank Stella’s painting is not symbolic. His stripes are the paths of brush on canvas. These paths lead only into painting.

Carl Andre from 16 Americans[ Museum of Modern Art, New York, 1959]